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Bitlife is a great game for fans of Sims and other similar real life simulators. The task of the user is to make the life of the character comfortable and successful. Gameplay begins with the birth of the main character, which the gamer will manage in the future. Gender, race and character traits are a lottery. Immediately after the birth of a virtual child, the player can familiarize himself with the characteristics of his personality. Each hero has his own special level of determination, diligence, intelligence and, of course, health.

How to achieve success?

Not the most successful indicators are not a verdict. In the course of the action, the user can change his character. That is, if the hero is not distinguished by good health, you need to regularly visit the virtual clinic. Insufficient level of intelligence can be corrected with the help of diligent study, etc. Throughout the life of the character will be under threat. And not always the threat will be obvious. We are talking about the so-called “forks”. At a certain point, the hero needs to make a choice. And on the results of his decision will depend on his entire future life. For example, refusing to study and contacting the youth gang, the virtual character can go to prison, where he will spend a long time. In this regard, the player needs to imagine himself in the role of his avatar and calculate ahead of time, how successful will be this or that decision.

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