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Retro Bowl College

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Retro bowl college game is a simulator of American soccer. It is made in retro style, which will attract fans of classic games. The basic elements related to sports competition are well worked out here. You can pass, make runs and touchdowns. Every action of a player matters as it affects the position of the team. You are playing in a college league and your main goal is to get your team to the first place. Learn together with your players, try new tactics and you can be on top of the championship.

Gameplay Features

You perform all the duties of a coach who wants to create a dream team and bring it to the top of the championship. An original and exciting experience awaits you, as you need not only to act on the field, but also to determine the strategy, engage in management. Initially, the player is offered to choose athletes for the main squad. You can train the participants of the match to improve their skills and various capabilities. Thanks to this, the accuracy of passes grows, podcasts improve, and the speed of movement increases. In each new match you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the work done.

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