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Board games like Uno will never lose their relevance. The advantages of such entertainment are that the gamer can show his resourcefulness, reaction speed and, of course, intellectual abilities. It is not surprising that online users also prefer to spend time pleasantly at the table entertainment. Uno is one of the most popular card games, which is available to owners of any modern tablets, smartphones, as well as PCs. Uno is a card game. Accordingly, before starting a round, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules to make the right choice and not to miss a good moment for the next step.

Rules of the game

The game starts with a deal. Each player receives 7 cards. Opponents cannot see each other’s set of cards. The remaining deck is placed face up, except for the top card, which is placed next to it. Players take turns taking turns. When it is time to make the next move, the user selects one of their cards and places it on the exposed card (next to the deck). Identifying the right element is not easy. One must choose a card that matches the same color, be a black active card, or duplicate a denomination (number, picture). If the desired element is not available, it is necessary to refer to the deck. Additionally, you can use special components with an unusual design. Some of them can make the next party member miss a move. Also, the gamer can order a certain color, change the direction of the game, etc.

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