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Only Up

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The game Only up is a fascinating three-dimensional platformer, where the player is given quite a lot of freedom of action to solve problems. The main goal here is to get to the highest point of the level. To do this, you need to pass all the tests that get in the way. They consist of jumping on a high platform, pass through a difficult area or perform other tasks. If you fail at some point with the task, you will fall down. After that, the whole route will have to go through again.

How to play?

At your disposal is the main character, who does not have any superpowers. He can jump and move in different directions. The control here is quite responsive and pleasant, but it takes some getting used to. An ordinary character will have to cope with unusual tasks, as his route runs along the platforms hanging in the air, consisting of objects on the street. The higher you climb, the more complex and strange the route becomes. You need to accurately calculate the strength of the jump, flight distance and other characteristics. This will help you climb to the top of the level and start new, even more difficult challenges.

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