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Pumpkin Panic

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Pumpkin panic offers you a mystical adventure in which you have to create buildings, search for resources, and explore the nearby terrain. Here you are waiting for a non-linear narrative, as well as a rather original approach, combining several directions. The events unfold in an invented world, where you will have to play as an active and very mobile character. How exactly the events will unfold depends largely on the decisions you make. Therefore, during each passage here you can put a variety of experiments to get a new result.

Game content

The developers filled the game with the atmosphere of horror, where danger awaits you at every step, but your character has no other choice, so you need to move forward and develop your base to defend yourself from enemies. In difficult conditions you need to take care of the vegetable garden and adjacent buildings. Mystical creatures are constantly trying to get into the territory, but you should still clean the well, weed the beds, do construction on your own territory. Gradually you will become stronger, and the place is safer.

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