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Super Game Maker

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The game Super mario maker online is a kind of constructor, in which you can assemble your own levels for “Suner Mario”, as well as try out what other players have done. This provides almost infinite variability, because each player creates his own variations of locations, both simple and with super-high complexity. The fascinating activity of constructing your own world can take up to an hour. Here players can build their dream level and share it with others.

How to play and create levels?

The game features an editor where you can build locations from the elements available in the game. You can put destructible and non-destructible platforms, place enemies, make any pits and other objects. In everything else, the limitations are only for the creator’s imagination. In addition to placing objects, you can also use a variety of mods that change the basic game. For example, here you can change the appearance of the design of levels, disable gravity or add other elements that have not been used before. In this version you can also pass the original levels, so fans of the series will definitely have something to do here.

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