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BitLife Online

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The game BITLIFE online allows you to control the life of one of the characters, who is given to the player randomly. You pass with him from birth to the end. The player’s task becomes to choose decisions for his hero. Everything that he will do during his life depends on you. You are given a large number of opportunities, such as going to the doctor, enrolling in various courses, gambling, killing other characters and so on. It is worthwhile to understand the risks and benefits that are associated with what is going on.

What is BITLIFE online?

Many people may think that this is a simplified analog of Sims, as the game is also made in the genre of life simulator. Here you will have to focus mainly on the actions presented in several options. Having chosen one of them, you follow the subsequent course of events and understand what all this can lead to. You choose your character’s leisure time, his profession, training and other things, but at the very beginning everything is provided randomly. The potential for development depends on it, so launching each time you play the game, you can count on a new option that allows you to get different opportunities.

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