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Slope 3

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The game Slope 3 belongs to the genre of arcades. You control the ball, which is constantly rolling down the slope. On his way there will be many obstacles, knocking the ball off the road. With your help, he must keep moving and not collide with dangerous objects. It’s challenging, interesting and can be stressful at the same time, especially in the later stages when the number of obstacles starts to increase. The gameplay, even taking into account the monotony and simplicity of the graphics, is highly addictive, this is achieved through well-developed physics and level design.

What is the game interesting?

The game is widely spread thanks to its simplicity. It can be mastered by any player. Everyone seems that such a process is easy to cope with, but in practice there are many difficulties. This stimulates the desire to try again, to make another attempt and try to pass the most difficult moment at which the ball rolled more than once. Here the basis is gameplay, so the graphics is made in the simplest possible style. The player will not distract from the process of passing. Safe and dangerous areas differ in color, so the player can easily navigate in difficult situations.

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