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Skibidi In The Backrooms

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In the game Skibidi in the backrooms you find yourself in a parallel universe, where anyone can accidentally get to, but it will be difficult to get out of it. Its peculiarity is that there is nothing here but large corridors and rooms with monotonous design. Once here, you realize that the stories about this place were not telling something, so you find here unfriendly inhabitants. At each location the player will be hunted by skibidi toilets if they notice him. You need to be careful not to get caught by the enemy or be able to run away quickly to escape.

How to get out of the trap?

To get out of this place, you are required to activate a portal. The main difficulty is that all the rooms are very similar to each other and somewhere in the distance there are dangerous human-headed toilets moving around. In such an environment you are required to find a switch to activate the portal. You do not know the location of the object, so you will have to search all, even the most dangerous, places. After activating the switch, you need to find the portal. It can also be located anywhere. Avoiding the attacks of enemies, you will have to search for its location again. Once in the portal, you will get out.

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