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Checkers RPG: Online PvP Battle

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If you like classic checkers and fairy tales, you will surely like this game. The difference is that you have to control not faceless pieces, but well-known characters. Partly you can draw a certain parallel between this game and chess from the popular Harry Potter universe. Any person who has played checkers at least once will be able to understand the rules. After starting the program, a standard field will appear on the screen. However, instead of classical pieces on it will stand, waiting for the next battle, evil orcs.

Rules of the game

To determine which “horde” is yours is quite simple. Before starting the game you can find out your color. The rules are standard. You need to defeat your opponent. The winner is the one who destroys all the characters of the opponent. To do this, you need to correctly determine the next move and move the orc to a specific cell. When the moment of collision comes, your orc will raise his powerful mace and destroy the enemy monster. Given that the entertainment is available to users of any age, there will be no blood splashes on the screen. However, the battle from this will not become less spectacular. As soon as your figure reaches the opposite edge of the virtual board, there is a transformation of an ordinary orc into a “damsel”. Now almost no one can become on your way to victory. The main thing is attentiveness and correct decisions.

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