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In the game Connections you have to build associations between words. This is a fascinating process, in which you need to think big and look for sometimes unobvious connections. Word puzzle can fascinate for a long time, as it offers a rather interesting and original approach to problem solving. You need to select four groups of words based on certain features. On what principle to combine the words and why exactly the selected options fit your choice, decides solely the player. But at the same time there is always a clearly thought-out algorithm that allows you to solve the task.

How to play?

You are given 16 words that can have certain connections. You need to guess which of the given variants can be combined. There are only four groups of four words. This is a basic condition that allows you to cut down on unnecessary variants and not go down a false path. In some cases, there may be false associations and not enough words to group together. The most difficult point is the beginning, when there are too many variants. By selecting the first words correctly, the computer will remove them from the field and it will be easier to move on.

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