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Only Up Parkour

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The game Only up parkour refers to three-dimensional platformers, where your main opponent is a complex arrangement of objects. The main goal of the player is to climb to the highest point, which requires jumping on all sorts of objects that meet on your way and are located above the point on which you are. Often you are offered several routes, which provides variability of passage. But in any case, the main bet here is on the dexterity of the player.

How to climb to the highest point?

You start from the very bottom. The whole theme of the game is dedicated to the street, so you will meet objects that are on it. These can be boxes, cars, poles and so on. You are required to choose convenient routes to climb as high as possible. Sometimes you will have to walk on thin pipes, jump on small platforms, but in some cases you will run on a wide and well arranged roof of the building. You independently choose how to climb, try out in practice all possible options. To make a mistake here is not desirable, but it is worth understanding that falling will not lead to the death of the hero. You will simply descend to a lower platform and continue on your way.

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