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Pizza Tower

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Pizza tower is made in the style of retro games, which concerns not only graphics, but also gameplay aspects. Here the player is given the opportunity to pass a number of quite complex and exciting levels, each of which is made in a new design and filled with a variety of opponents and obstacles.

What is the game about?

The protagonist is the owner of a pizzeria, which has recently business has not been very good. His main enemy took advantage of this situation and fraudulently took the establishment. Now your task is to regain everything. To do this, you need to go to the castle of the villain and get to him. You need to go through all the levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. At the end of some levels you will meet bosses and a variety of improvements, additional features. The game is made in the platformer genre, so you will need to collect additional items, open secret passages and use a limited set of opportunities to overcome obstacles in various ways. Two-dimensional graphics and funny animations await players. On each new level special items are created and the type of enemies changes, which makes the passage exciting and interesting.

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