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Mr Hopps Hunting Hour

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The game Mr. Hopps Hunting Hour belongs to the genre of horror games. Here you will have to quietly sneak around the locations, so as not to attract the attention of enemies. The player is waiting for a lot of toys scattered around the house, which act as an obstacle. You have to jump over them, as otherwise the extra noise will attract Hoppes. The player can move only to the right or left side. You can move up to a certain point and you need to reach the place where you can turn on the night light. This will help to get rid of Mr. Hoppes, as he does not like light.

Game plot

You play as a girl who is afraid of her toy – a stuffed rabbit. It was given to her by her grandmother, but as soon as the lights are turned off, it seems to the protagonist that the toy comes to life. She asks her father to take Mr. Hopps for himself. As she leaves, her father turns out the lights and the rabbit comes to life. He killed the parents and is now stalking the protagonist. She hides in dark rooms to avoid falling into the clutches of the monster, as she can wait for the same fate as her parents. During the passage you need to find weapons to resist such a serious enemy. To do this you will have to overcome a long and full of dangers path.

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