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Phrazle Unlimited

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The game Phrazle unlimited is an interesting offshoot of the classic game Wordle. The difference is that in the original game you had to guess a word, while here – a phrase. The rules remain almost the same, but with small changes concerning the length and number of words. This will interest fans of word puzzles, as it brings a new breath to this genre. You will be able to expand the list of your favorite games of this direction and try your hand at new, more complex tasks.

How to play?

For those who have already played Wordle, Phrazle will not seem difficult to master. You are given two words to compose into a meaningful phrase. Within six tries, the player must guess it. To do this, he can offer options and focus on the clues. If there are letters in the phrase entered by the player that are in the same place in the word combination, they are highlighted with a green background. In the case when letters are present in the phrase, but are in other positions, they are highlighted in orange, which also helps to simplify solving. Those symbols that are not used in the word combination are highlighted in gray and should be avoided.

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