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Papa’s Bakeria

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In Papas bakeria you play as a girl who wanted to get a job, but she was unable to do so because the place where she wanted to work closed down. Despite the approval of her resume, after arriving she saw only a sign that the place was rented out. But she did not have to grieve long, because in a nearby bakery just has a vacancy. Now the main character instead of selling clothes should be engaged in baking, and you together with her will learn a new specialty.

What genre does the game belong to?

The game belongs to the baker simulator genre. You play as an employee of the bakery, taking orders and preparing dishes. In this institution, the client himself can choose the filling and the specifics of its arrangement. Your task is to repeat everything exactly as it was specified. On how faithfully you reproduce the recipe depends on your earnings. You are required to reproduce all the steps of preparation, starting with the selection of the cake and baking, and ending with decorating with sweets and serving the dish to the customer. After you give the order, it will be evaluated by the customer and payment will be made based on the evaluation. You can improve your cooking skills and get more money for cooking.

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