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The Game of Life 3

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Could The Game of Life possibly get any more fascinating and fun? It appears, it could! Meet The Game of Life 3, the latest version of your favorite board game that is now available online. Prepare for ride through life like there’s no speed limit, make choices that would make Neo sweat, and enjoy every moment of it!

Multiplayer now in video-chat!

The concept hasn’t changed a bit: you grab your buddies (or go alone if you will), launch the game, and get ready to spin that spinner. That little nimble thing will determine your moves and your future. Depending on the space you land at the end of your move, you’ll have to perform certain actions (like getting money, paying money, or making those notorious choices that are the essence of the game). You will also be dealt a certain number of cards that you can either play for yourself or hand to other players to thwart (or maybe help) them. The one with the highest amount of cash in the end wins!

The option to play with your family and friends over the web isn’t new to the game. But in The Game of Life 3, you can do it via a video-chat! That’s right, it’s just as if you were all together at the table, playing live, having fun, and spending your time in the best possible way. You can actually see genuine emotions of your opponents, hear each other’s voices and exchange real-time omg’s and wtf’s!

Ten awesome worlds to travel around!

But that’s not all! The Game of Life 3 offers you something definitely worth drooling over – the Ultimate Life Collection. This awesome perk allows you to venture into ten totally different and equally amazing worlds – and none of them is in any way similar to the one we live in! Set foot in enchanted realms, make friends with dinosaurs in the Age of Giants, or explore the futuristic Lunar Age.

Each world brings new outfits to wear, vehicles to ride, jobs to try, properties to attribute, and more, making every journey as exciting and unpredictable as the last. So, rev up your tiny plastic cars and prepare for the ultimate adventure through the wild, weird, and wacky Game of Life 3! May it be as crazy and amazing as your bravest dreams!

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