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Bloons TD 6

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The game Bloons td 6 belongs to the genre of fortress defense. It is made in a humorous style, so you are waiting for a lot of interesting and fun moments during the passage. According to the plot, your territory is attacked by balloons. You need to build a defense by creating a monkey army and arming it with everything you can buy. Battles will always take place on the same territory, so you need to intelligently distribute the location and types of units, not to sell them and lose money, and immediately create a strong defense in a given area and develop it.

How to build a defense?

You have a given piece of territory at your disposal. There is a road on it, along which the enemy will go. He will always move along the same route. You need to put defenders in places where they can cause maximum damage to the enemy. The player is offered many varieties of units, each of which has its own price. Some attack from the ground, others can fly and destroy the enemy throughout the territory, others strike wherever you point with your mouse. Each type has several upgrades that allow you to build a powerful defense, not allowing any wave of enemies to break through the specified line.

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