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A unique opportunity to try on the role of a storyteller in Storyteller. Arm yourself with your imagination, start the program and dive into the world of adventure. How interesting the story will be depends only on your imagination and attention to detail. Special skills, reaction speed and knowledge of function keys are not required. However, it is still worth getting acquainted with the features of interaction with the program.


Anyone can play, regardless of experience. The essence of the game is that before the start of the round, the user receives the name of the story, which will be part of a large fairy tale book. After that, the gamer is given the opportunity to choose among several characters. The main characters need to be placed in a specific window. Accordingly, the book will be more like a comic book than a standard reading. At the same time, the created stories will not be static. Characters fall in love, marry, kill each other, betray, die, etc. The main character can be one from this list: princess; king; knight; executioner; queen, etc. There are also various fantasy characters available to players. These include orcs, dwarves and other creatures known to every fairy tale fan. Any of them can play a key role and change the plot of the main narrative. At the same time, a novice gamer can avoid mistakes. The program itself will prompt whether the next hero was chosen correctly.

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