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Puckdoku Unlimited

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Dive into the exciting world of Puckdoku unlimited, which is one of the few puzzle games created especially for hockey fans. The game offers you an exciting combination of hockey team players and their prizes. The gameplay is reminiscent of sudoku. Your task is to choose the players of the teams to fill the grid. You have to follow certain criteria of columns and rows. Puckdoku unlimited has an addictive gameplay. The puzzles here are frequently updated by providing new challenges. The game provides an addictive and enjoyable guessing experience for fans of the sport at all levels.

How to play.

Your goal is to select hockey team players to fill each cell. You need to keep in mind the given criteria of rows and columns. Each person you select must play at least one game in the hockey league season. This is necessary for the specified team to count as a result. Moved teams count as one, players and stats follow the franchise when moved. Team members can only be used once. Once a player is selected, the option can no longer be changed at that point. Each guess counts as a roll.

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