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The Game of Life

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Remember that good old board game, The Game of Life? Maybe you played it, maybe you haven’t, maybe it’s still gathering dust in one of your drawers. In either case, prepare to discover it (anew) playing something very similar, yet so different on your PC or smartphone. It’s going to be twice the blast!

Let the good times roll!

So, you and your buddies gather around the table (in this case, connect via the web or even play from the same device turn-based), ready to embark on this adventure of a lifetime. Spin that spinner like there’s no tomorrow, and whoever lands the highest spin becomes the trailblazer of life’s treacherous path. Your car, the ultimate symbol of your life’s journey, starts moving according to your spin. At this point you must notice tat the spaces on the board come in different colors, and they’re not just for decoration – they’re crucial to your destiny. Gold spaces are where the real action happens. When you land on them, you must obey the game’s instructions, no questions asked. Money is made and spent here.

Spin and win!

Next up, green spaces are where you get paid and collect your hard-earned cash. Watch out for those sweet salary bumps! And when you hit blue spaces, prepare for setting scores in a lawsuit, borrowing from the bank (just don’t forget to pay it back with interest), and even pay the Police Officer for breaking the speed limit (that is, spinning 10). Life spaces are all about good deeds and family activities. They’re the heart and soul of your existence, and when landing on them, you collect Life tiles. No peeking at the value side – just stack them Life-side-up in front of you and bask in the randomness of life’s blessings.

Decisions and surprises

Then come the game-changes – orange spaces. You gotta stop when you land here, and your destiny takes a wild turn. Think carefully, spin again, and brace yourself for some of life’s biggest choices! For instance, you can end up buying a new home, change your job or return to school, make a choice between family and career, get married or even follow down the Risky Path for some high-risk, high-reward action. Finally, when all is said and done, and retirement beckons, it’s time to cash out. Count your cash, reveal your life tile values, and add them together. The player with the highest total value takes the crown as the ultimate winner of The Game of Life. Who’s it gonna be? Invite your friends, take a spin and find out!

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