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Build With Buddies

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A fun entertainment for fans of creating new things. It’s enough just to launch the game and dive into the exciting process together with other real fans of the genre. To begin with, you will need to choose your character. The assortment is quite large. All heroes are funny, however, there are no special differences in their abilities. After the launch, the user will receive a task. For example, he needs to erect a certain number of houses, plant trees, create rocks, etc. each project will require a certain amount of materials. Your task is to gather resources and complete the task. Despite the simplicity, it is not so easy to succeed.

Earn resources – pump up your world!

You need to earn resources with the help of a standard game cube. After stopping the rotation on its upper edge will appear a certain number of points. Each combination corresponds to a material: wood, gold, stone, wheat. Accordingly, the fastest to finish your project can not only the smartest, but also the luckiest player. It is important not to get carried away with the process and not to forget about the main task. In case of losing it will be frustrating to realize that the last tree the player could not plant because he built an extra house, etc. While playing the game, it is possible to observe the actions of the opponents. Thus, beginners can borrow certain strategic moves and learn the tricks of experienced opponents.

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