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Swiftle is a musical riddle game based on Taylor Swift songs. It is a very interesting and unusual variant of the melody guessing game, in which you will have to guess which track has been riddled, spending the minimum number of attempts. Songs can relate to any stage of the singer’s career, and also the piece presented in them can be from the beginning, or from the middle or end.

Rules of the game

You are given several attempts to guess the track. On the first try, you can guess the song from a couple of seconds’ worth of tracks. You have to enter the answer yourself, but the answer is autocomplete, so after a few letters you will see one of the options corresponding to your guess. If you fail to guess, then on the second attempt the fragment will be extended for a few seconds. On the third attempt, you will see an even longer segment of the composition. These are exciting riddles for real Taylor Swift fans, as you will be able to test your knowledge of the repertoire, song titles. Also in the game there is an opportunity to guess the songs by the text, for which also allocated fragments, increasing with each attempt.

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