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Sonic. EXE

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Sonic exe game will give fans of Sonic’s adventures a new look at this hero, which is very different from the traditional stories about the blue. Here the character is shown in the style of creepypasta, which is a new direction in the horror genre. Accordingly, the protagonist acts as a rather sinister and unfriendly character. He will hunt for you, so it is better not to meet him, as it can end in the death of the character.

What makes the game stand out?

In addition to the original for the series direction, there is a rather gloomy atmosphere. The player will be waiting for a constant sense of threat, scary graphics and a lot of unexpected moments. You should not try to predict the plot and what awaits you in the next moment, as there are a lot of unpredictable surprises. It will be difficult to survive, but there is no other choice. Now Sonic is a dark and cruel character, gripped by an evil spirit. Your goal is not only to defend yourself from his attacks, but also to solve the mystery of why he became evil. With your help he will be able to defeat the curse and get rid of the possession. But the path will not be easy and therefore it is worth having patience to pass all the tests and reach the end.

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