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Purble Place

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Classics never go out of fashion. Some computer games are proof of this fact. Purble Place is one of them. The program has quite pleasant (cartoon) graphics and will surely appeal to fans of funny mini-games. The big advantage of the game is the possibility to choose the entertainment that matches the mood and taste of the gamer. It is not necessary to play only one mini-game. In order not to get bored with the program, it is recommended to alternate entertainment.

Features of each game

Find a couple. Perhaps it is impossible to find a person who would not know about this game. On the screen will appear a certain number of cards, arranged shirt-side up. The user will have to sequentially open the elements. If a double is opened, the found cards are lost. The number of elements corresponds to the difficulty. Consequently, on the last levels in front of the gamer will appear quite an impressive number of them. Bake a cake. Imagine yourself in the role of a talented pastry chef. You will receive orders from fans of your creativity. It is important not only to do the work on time, but also to take into account the wishes of the buyer. The difficulty is that from level to level the number and type of cakes, as well as decorative elements will increase. Guess the character. It is necessary to determine what kind of appearance was puzzled by the program. The player needs to choose the appropriate element (nose, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, etc.) and the presented assortment.

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