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God Of War 3

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GOD OF WAR 3 is a direct continuation of the second part of the adventures of Kratos, systematically destroying the inhabitants of Olympus. Here players are waiting for even bigger battles with gods and titans, thanks to which the hero will be able to get to his main goal – Zeus. Together with the new god of war you will have to pass a difficult and cruel way to the top of the mountain and deal with all the opponents standing in your way.

Gameplay Features

The main weapon in the game remains the blades of chaos, with which Kratos can perform various combinations of attacks. As you pass, you will meet chests with various crystals. Some of them replenish health, and the other allows you to pump skills. With their help you unlock new combinations and techniques, which allows you to fight better, keep enemies at a distance and deliver more powerful blows. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the boss battles. Each one is unique and offers an original approach to battles. This allows the deep combat system present here to be more fully realized. There are many cinematic scenes in the game, which makes the playthrough more interesting and exciting.

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