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Geometry Dash 2

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Geometry dash 2 is a very dynamic platformer that does not lose the player’s attention for a second. Here from you will require maximum concentration, as any wrong step will lead to the death of the character. He needs to pass from one end of the level to the other, overcoming a large number of obstacles in his path. You may encounter spikes, large pits, protrusions that you did not have time to jump over, as well as other difficulties. The intensity of the appearance of obstacles is very high, as well as the speed of movement of your character. At the same time, everything happens under the cheerful music, getting into the rhythm of which you have more chances to pass all the difficulties.


You control the square, which is constantly in motion. You can not stop it or increase its speed. The only thing that is available to the player is the jump button. With its help, you can overcome all the obstacles. It is quite difficult, but at the same time fascinating, because even if you make a mistake in a particular area, then when you pass again, you will already be ready for it. You need to either react very quickly to everything and jump over obstacles in time, or memorize the route and especially difficult parts of it.

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