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Puzzle Freak

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An incredible opportunity to show your intellectual abilities and ingenuity. The creators have turned a standard board game into a real adventure. The player can learn in advance who will be his opponent. It is not always real people. The opponent can be a bot. The process is familiar to everyone. You need to throw a virtual cube and make as many steps, how many points will be on it, after stopping the rotation. The field consists of not the usual cells. Some elements are mini games. Start the entertainment is simple. You need to stop on this cell in the process of making steps. Entertainment can be represented by searching for doubles (flip cards and look for the same elements), puzzles, solving popular puzzles. Everyone will find a suitable game and will be able to fully enjoy the process.

What is the difficulty of the levels?

The closer the finish line – the more difficult the tasks. At the same time, the player should not forget about the timer. If you do not solve the puzzle in the allotted time, he will lose the earned intelligence points and will not look the best against the background of his rivals. There are a lot of mini games, and from the success in another one of them depends on the number of points of the player. Accordingly, not only the one who gets lucky with the cube and falls out more points, but also the most intelligent user can win. If the first time you are not very lucky – do not despair. You can always start the game from the beginning.

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