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Snakes And Ladders

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A virtual version of a standard board game. Perhaps everyone in childhood spent time for such entertainment. It is enough to throw a die and move your chip to the specified number of cells. Virtual version has its own features and will certainly appeal to true fans of the genre. Before starting the round, you need to choose a certain mode. The user can play with his friends on the network-internet or choose a bot as an opponent. Of course, it is more pleasant and interesting to play with real people, but if your friends are busy at the moment, the bot can come to the rescue. The number of players can also be determined in advance.

Game platform

The field is quite large. The total number of cells for steps counts 99 elements. At the same time, the game process will not be boring, because additionally on the field there are a large number of ladders and snakes (in some variants replaced by slides). The player “rolls” a virtual cube. As soon as its rotation stops on the screen will appear a certain number of points – moves. If the user stops at the cell with the beginning of the ladder, his character will automatically be moved to its end. The rule is similar for snakes. However, creeping creepers can harm rather than help. If you stop your move on the head of a snake, your character will automatically be on its tail. The tip may be located at the very beginning of the field.

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