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Incredibox v10

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Incredibox v10 is an interesting musical experiment, with which you can create your own compositions. Here you are offered a large number of instruments and other features. Thanks to them you can create different combinations of sound, which will provide an original result. This is a popular direction, so in the tenth version players are given a wide field of possibilities with a huge selection of instruments. Incredibox collects all the best that was created in the previous versions.

How to play?

The tenth version of the game requires you to choose the characters involved in the composition you create. Thanks to the chosen characters and their abilities, you can create music. You can move between the selected figures. Each of them makes its own sounds. You set the sequence of sounds to form a suitable mix. At the same time, all actions are accompanied by a certain animation. This is especially noticeable when activating the characters. You can both independently set all the parts, and use the automatic selection of the rhythm. All this expands the possibilities of attracting players to this interesting experiment.

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