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Incredibox Orin Ayo

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The game Incredibox orin ayo is a musical game where you have to control a sinister orchestra. At your disposal are a lot of bodies, many of which are missing important body parts. The player should attach the missing parts to the bodies. Depending on which parts are attached, they will begin to make a variety of sounds. The more people you activate, the more varied sounds they will make. Thus, you can form a whole orchestra that emits unusual and frightening sounds combined into certain melodies.

Who will like the game?

The game Incredibox orin ayo will interest all fans of musical experiments. You can endlessly change the type of people, their number and other parameters. Each change brings a change in what you get in the end. Thus, you can create compositions in real time, adding and replacing certain body parts. There are no restrictions and no clear goals. You can simply relax while experimenting with the available tools. All this is designed in a gloomy black and white style, which only adds a special atmosphere to what is going on.

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